Klein’s is a bit different than your everyday corporate supermarket. We are a family owned supermarket and have been proudly serving the Fairmount section of Philadelphia for over 100 years. 


Instead of worrying about things like margins and marketing, we concentrate on keeping our customers happy, and we think it shows. We carry quality items, at reasonable prices.

Klein’s Supermarket was first opened in 1892 when Simon Klein arrived in Philadelphia from a small town near Minsk, Russia. Upon arrival, he learned of a corner grocery store located at 15th and Clearfield Street, operated by his younger brother. Either by family tradition or sheer force, Simon told his brother that he was the older brother, and would take over the family business. Younger brother did as he was told, and went on to establish the Klein Packaging Company, which at one time in the mid 1900’s was the largest potato and onion distribution company on the East Coast.

The Klein tradition is for the “men” of the family to come to work at the store after school and on Saturdays after their Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13. Sam, son of Simon, came to work after his, starting this tradition. In about 1939, Sid (3rd Generation) started working at the store with his father. The current operating Kleins, now 4th and 5th generation, began with Ken in 1965, Steve in 1968, Shel in 1972, and Andrew (Steve's Son) in 2011. You will find the current generation in our only location, at the base of the Philadelphian Apartment House located at 24th and Fairmount.